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Dragon heart hold the 30th anniversary of the celebration

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Beam peace on behalf of the municipal committee of the standing committee of the municipal party committee, municipal government for charmed founded the 30th anniversary of the greetings

On March 13, guangdong dragon heart medical devices co., LTD., held its 30th anniversary celebration, from the domestic and foreign distributors, suppliers and all the staff together, share the enterprise the joy of success. Kaiping city leaders beam peace, avis, YanHaiNa, KuangYeLi congratulations. Guangdong dragon heart medical devices co., LTD., founded in 1982, is located in kaiping town, lily, is a professional manufacturer of disposable medical devices.

For 30 years, dragon heart company adhere to the quality, efficiency development, enterprises continue to grow stronger, to create a good social benefits, the accumulative contributing to national and local tax revenue exceeds 100 million yuan, strongly promote the lily town economic and social development. In recent years, charmed the company adhere to the science and technology is popular the factory, is committed to the product structure adjustment, walk the road of high-tech high value-added products, continuously improve the ability of independent innovation. The company has invested more than 6000 ten thousand yuan, successfully developed with independent intellectual property rights of high-tech products - medical adhesive, and has set up a smooth into industrialization, currently has more than 10 provinces and cities across the country are listed.

In march of this year, dragon heart company was established in the United States "charmed (USA) medical equipment research center", employ researchers with profound experience in the industry to develop new products. In addition, the company has applied for the establishment "kaiping live biological technology co., LTD.", in Chinese medicine plant extracts probiotic bacteria cultivation to expand production, the implementation of development in various fields.

Guangdong dragon heart medical equipment co., LTD., chairman of the guitar, said now charmed the company is being transformed to export-oriented, technology-intensive, constantly strengthen self development, wholeheartedly contribute to human health. Municipal committee beam peace on behalf of the CPC municipal committee and municipal government for dragon heart congratulate the 30th anniversary of its establishment, the company he wants to guangdong dragon heart medical devices co., LTD. Was established in 30 anniversary as an opportunity to further establish the development strategy of big companies, tight grasp opportunities for development, continue to do a good job in product development, technology innovation, transformation and upgrading of the article, more efforts to do more business, for lily town development, to realize the new span larger contribution to a new level.

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